Business owners prepare for busy weekend, large turnout at the Oceanfront

The expected warm-up this weekend excites business owners and beachgoers in Virginia Beach.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Business owners at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront are ready to welcome a large turnout at the beach and boardwalk this weekend. 

It all comes after cooler weather may have driven some people away earlier this month for College Beach Weekend.

Lots of people roamed along Atlantic Avenue Friday night. It was a contrast from sights on the first Friday of April, when 13News Now crews saw more police on the strip than vacationers.

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Ocean Eddies Seafood Restaurant situated on the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier already saw a busy start to the weekend.

“Any time we get nice weather, the crowds come out regardless,” said owner Jeff Hague.

Hague said his kitchen is stocked and his restaurant is staffed up.

“We’re kind of in that season where we look at the weather forecast. We try to plan around that,” he said.

Hague also acknowledged the possibility of College Beach Weekend-type crowds descending in droves this weekend. 

When asked if the city anticipated large crowds at the Oceanfront this weekend and whether they would increase patrols again like on the first weekend of April, the Virginia Beach Police Department responded with the following statement:

“We have prepared a plan to account for many factors, including the warm weather. We continue to have great relationships with internal and external partners, to include the Sherriff Department and our Ambassadors. This plan is in place for all of the areas of the City of Virginia Beach.”

Monika Charleston is a Virginia Beach native, back again for her son’s Spring Break vacation.

“To see the beach again. The weather is nice, so we decided it’d be a good day to go ahead and get some fresh air. I miss home,” she said. 

Charleston told 13News Now she didn’t notice that packed of an Oceanfront walking around Friday.

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However, Charleston said she expects the 420ish Unity Festival in neighboring Portsmouth to draw visitors here throughout the weekend.

“I think the crowd will start to come,” she added. 

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