Head of Swedish Gaming Company Wasder AB Wins Two Business Worldwide CEO Awards

The Business Worldwide CEO Awards aim to identify and honor the Most Respected C-level executives across the globe, from a variety of different sectors. Unlike many other business awards, the emphasis is not on the companies as a whole, but on the individuals at their helms: CEOs, Managing Directors, Directors and senior-level management. The intention is to give a worthy individual the recognition they deserve, while using their successes to inspire other business leaders.

The gaming industry is predicted to be worth over $540 billion worldwide in the next five years and is growing at a consistent rate of 13% every year. The industry relies on cutting edge technology, creating immersive environments and compelling user experiences. It’s an increasingly crowded marketplace with a huge number of gaming companies, big and small, but few have prioritized the wellbeing of gamers in the way that Wasder AB is doing. It’s important for Wasder to acknowledge that not only is inclusivity and respect important on their platform but it’s a place where people across the globe can feel welcomed and entertained, safe and a place where everyone can explore together.

Wasder has welcomed a variety of cutting edge and timely projects over the last few months and it continues to grow – one in particular being their much-anticipated World of Women Galaxies NFTs campaign to help promote female representation in the gaming industry. Thomas Gronnevik and his team are going one step further to make the gaming world a more supportive and healthy community for all.

A common stereotype is that gamers like to spend their time alone, but in fact interaction and friendship play an important part in this ever-growing space. Wasder AB has been a key player in creating and growing one of these communities and with over half a million users, they are already bigger than some countries.

Wasder sets itself apart from its rivals by not only providing the audience with the best-in-class technical experiences and functionality, but also protecting their rights and wellbeing. The Stockholm based company, while still a start-up, is already setting the standard for others to live up to.

Thomas explained; “At its heart, Wasder is passionately and relentlessly focused on ensuring that the gaming world is one of inclusivity, diversity, and respect. For us, the gaming community should be one where friends, new and old, come together to play and explore together and where everyone feels safe and welcome.”

Wasder’s games include core tools with functionalities such as Matchmaking, Communities, Party Chats, Game Spaces, and personalized feeds, and at the heart of all its technologies is the spirit of inclusivity and democracy.

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