‘I decided I have to protect my business,’ Autobody shop owner confronts burglars

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — At Universal Motor Cars in Spring Mountain, there are dozens of cars that customers left in owner Victor Batnari’s hands, but he was not going to break that trust when burglars found an opening between barbed wires and climbed over. 

“People were not afraid with the alarms with the lights they were stealing my property,” said Batnari. 

Two men seen in the surveillance video climbed over a wall in the middle of the night earlier this week and started searching through cars. 

Batnari was sleeping in his autobody shop after a late night of work was woken up by the sounds of the alarms and sprung into action. “I decided I have to protect my business,” Batnari said.

With just a bat in his hand, he confronted them.

“I approached them, and I said if you took something please put it back and you guys are free to go he didn’t hesitate he got something in his hands and throw it at me turned around, jumped the wall, and left,” Batnari said. 

Batnari put his dedication to his customer’s cars first before his own safety. 

“All my shops I have to protect like my baby my shops it’s my business it’s my life so I’m dedicated 100%,” he said. “I’m realizing now that I did a mistake if they had a gun something happen to me but at that point, I didn’t have no fear.”

Michael Johnston the chief security advisor for Boss Security Screens said burglars will continue to take their chances with the slightest opening. 

“If there is a high dollar item at that business, they make take a greater risk despite the uses of alarms or other deterrents,” Johnston said. “You want to have a system in place that prevents the entry from the beginning.”

Batnari said he will now make sure his whole property has barbed wire. 

He said all of the cars kept on his lot are always locked except for the ones with electrical issues.

Batnari said he will continue to sleep at his shop until he hires a security guard to watch over at night. 

As for Johnston, his team does security screenings for businesses to show them the best way to protect themselves. 

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