La Crosse business celebrates Record Store Day with special releases

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Saturday’s a great day to get your groove on at your favorite crate-digging spot.

Saturday is Record Store Day.

This is an annual celebration that started back in 2007 and is held on one Saturday every April.

Often, special and sought-after vinyl records will be available only at brick-and-mortar stores for the holiday.

It can bring together fans and artists at small businesses around the world, including in La Crosse.

At Audiolust Records on 6th Street, the store was filled with exciting limited releases.

“It’s a big deal, especially for us too, because we don’t necessarily know what we’re going to get, we get to see the titles but when we get it and see what’s special about it, it’s like Christmas when you open the box,” said Brandon Murphy, the manager at Audiolust.

Audiolust wasn’t the only store celebrating. Deaf Ear Records also had sales and promotions to mark the day.

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