Pawn shop owner sees increase in business as people try to make extra money

METTER, Ga. (WTOC) – With costs going up for everything from fuel to food, plenty of people are looking at options for extra income.

One pawn shop owner says he’s seeing more business than ever before.

Tools, TV’s and more line the shelves at Tom’s Pawn Central. Owner Tommy Hunt says they’ve seen a sharp jump in customers over the past two months.

He says people are coming in with items from home to sell or pawn. He says some need money for a few days until payday and some are parting with things just to make ends meet.

He says they’re helping people get amounts of money that might be too small for a bank to loan. He says the type of need and the type of item you bring can help determine whether you should pawn it or sell it.

“If there’s no sentimental value in the merchandise, you can sell it. But if you use the merchandise, or it’s an heirloom that’s been in the family for years, you can come back and get it no problem.”

He says some customers have also used this as a time to sell things they never use and turn their clutter into cash.

Either way, he says they work with customers to give them the chance to repay and reclaim what they left.

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