St. Cloud Business Owner Running for MN House

(KNSI) – A St. Cloud business owner is running for the Minnesota Legislature. Aaron Henning, co-owner of Val’s Hamburgers in East St. Cloud, is running for the seat in District 14B in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Henning is the Republican endorsed candidate. He will face off against incumbent Democrat Representative Dan Wolgamott this fall. Wolgamott is in his second term in office.

“St. Cloud residents are struggling with inflation, high gas prices, and soaring energy bills – problems caused in part by the votes of our current representative,” Henning said. “I’m a small business owner who has seen firsthand how higher taxes, bad energy policies, and government mandates are hurting our economy and making it tough for Minnesotans to afford their lives. As your next State Representative, I’ll support major tax cuts for Minnesotans with our record-setting surplus, I’ll have the backs of our law enforcement officers, and I’ll work to reduce energy costs.”

Henning says he was born and raised in St. Cloud and is a third-generation small business owner. Henning co-owns Val’s Hamburgers with his brother. Val’s Hamburgers opened on Labor Day 1959. Aaron graduated from St. Cloud State University in 2016.

District 14B includes the north, west, and east sides of St. Cloud and Minden Township.


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