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It was only two years ago that Samantha Hatfield of the Buck Creek community in Calhoun was asked by her oldest stepson, Aiden, to create a specialized dessert for his 13th birthday.

“I always make my kids’ birthday cakes; …it’s just what I’ve always done,” Hatfield said. “And he told me that he didn’t want a cake. And I said, ‘Well, what do you want?’ and he said, ‘Well, can you make a cookie (cake)?’ ”

Hatfield, 32, gave it a try and came out “decent” enough that friends and family members at the birthday party started requesting her to make cookie cakes for their own special occasions before word traveled through the grapevine to the rest of the county.

Hatfield decided to trade in her scrubs as a full-time nurse at Riverside Care & Rehabilitation Center to start her own business, Midnight Momma Sweets & More and began to spend more time in the kitchen baking.

And the demand for the treats was rather quick.

“Within a couple of months, I had people asking for cookie cakes,” Hatfield said. “I did them for family and friends up till January of 2021 and then I made the Facebook page and branched out a little bit more.”

Originally starting out with the classic chocolate chip flavor, Hatfield has expanded the menu to include snickerdoodle, sugar, peanut butter (which was “a booger” to create according to Hatfield) and brownie, which was added last year.

Hatfield also has gone beyond just offering cookie cakes and cookie cake slices and decided to venture into other desserts like Bundt cakes, cheesecake waffle cones, chewy cheesecake tacos, cookie sandwiches, and walking strawberry pretzel salads.

And Hatfield keeps coming up with new ideas on the regular, saying that she will be attempting peach cobbler egg rolls this week.

She also offers mini popsicles of six different flavors during the summer months.

She continues to experiment with other recipes such as making sugar-free products, but admits that it’s been rather difficult to perfect.

“That’s not as easy as some people would think it is,” Hatfield laughed. “They either turn out flat like cardboard or they’re too airy and they fall apart ….”

And she does mention that she still has some apprehensions when putting out products for public consumption.

“I still have a fear of people not liking it,” Hatfield said. “I always wonder what they’re gonna taste like, because sometimes I don’t try them. Sometimes I just hand them out for random people to try. But it’s been good so far.”

Hatfield was not big on baking in her upbringing but said that her aunt was a baker and enjoyed watching her growing up.

In terms of baking cookies, Hatfield said that she wasn’t very good at it.

“I always burnt cookies before that,” Hatfield chuckled. “…I will still burn a regular cookie (but) we’re getting there.”

After accepting orders exclusively online via Facebook, Hatfield started taking the business to the public, making appearances at events for Foe Family Farm in Calhoun and the Owensboro Regional Farmers’ Market’s Holiday Market.

Hatfield decided to take the business one step further when she bought a small 1994 GMC G31 school bus for sale through a Facebook ad.

Hatfield, her husband Colby and her father Mark headed out to Bremen in February to purchase the vehicle for $6,000, which she named Cookie, in order to expand the business in places beyond the county.

Just recently, she set up shop in Madisonville and currently has plans to head out to Henderson and even Ohio County this summer.

“Now we go all over,” Hatfield said. “…We’re getting a lot of requests to come to different things and Cookie helps with that.”

And she’s aware that what she offers is rather atypical from what dessert trucks offer.

“There’s nothing on my bus that’s a normal type of dessert that you would expect,” Hatfield said. “I don’t have cupcakes or regular cookies or anything like that. So (I’ve seen) people kind of look at the menu and go, ‘What the (heck) is this stuff?’ ”

Still, Hatfield said the reception and growth in the business has been blooming.

“I never expected (to make a living doing this) and the fact that people recognize me now for the cookies is something I never expected to happen,” Hatfield said. “The Facebook page gets more likes every day now and it’s still very humbling and sit back and go, ‘Holy cow, we are getting there.’ ”

And Hatfield feels that she has found something she truly enjoys doing.

“As crazy as it sounds, I feel like this right now at this point in my life, is my calling,” Hatfield said. “I’ve prayed about it a lot and there’s some nights that I’m like, ‘This is so stupid, I’m not doing this anymore.’ ” But I’ve prayed about it and then somebody will always ask me something after that and that’s almost like my sign (like), ‘Nope. This is where you’re supposed to be. We’re gonna keep baking.’ I feel like this is where I’m supposed to be right now.”

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