Video: Holly Officials Give Updates for Business Owners Impacted by Fire

Video: Holly Officials Give Updates for Business Owners Impacted by Fire

(Crystal A. Proxmire, June 22, 2022)

Holly, MI – Businesses throughout Downtown Holly have been impacted by the six-alarm fire that took place Tuesday evening, which severely damaged three businesses and left others with smoke and water damage.  Over a million gallons of water were used to douse the flames and prevent them from spreading even further. No lives were lost, though there were six firefighters taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion.

Village Manager Jerry Walker led a meeting Wednesday afternoon for business owners to answer questions and give updates. While it’s still too early for definitive answers on things like when power will be restored or when Broad Street will be re-opened, the meeting did let people know what the process would be leading to those things.

Walker was joined by Fire Chief Steve McGee, Police Chief Jerry Narsh, and Downtown Development Director Nick Klempp, as well as elected officials.   They explained that business owners and employees would need to contact the fire department for a walk through before entering alone to check for potential safety issues.

They also explained that part of Battle Alley remains closed, as does Broad Street. The main concern is the structural stability of the buildings that were partially burned.  An expert reviewed the buildings today and will have a report to the Village on Thursday and decisions will be made from there as far whether walls will need to come down or not.

Electrical service cannot be restored until the area is cleared for electrical workers’ safety.  However the outage is limited to the block where Holly Hotel, Andy’s Place, and Arcade Antiques – the businesses damaged by the fire – are.

The Village is going to be putting out a release of information each day at 3pm which can be found on their Facebook Page.

For the full story on the fire, including pictures and video see our previous story:




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