AppSwarm Rapidly Expanding Mining and Crypto Operations to

Tulsa, OK, June 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — AppSwarm, Corp. (OTC: SWRM), a software development company and aggregator of mobile applications, today announced it will be rapidly expanding mining and crypto operations to take advantage of all-time low prices.

AppSwarm is currently strengthening its crypto operations to add additional mining machines and investments that will focus on several coins such as ETH, ADA, LTC, XMR, DOGE, SHIB, CRO, XRP, and stablecoins, such as BUSD.

To date, the company currently holds 17 LTC, 77,518 DOGE, and minor amounts of ADA, ETH, and SHIB.

AppSwarm CEO, Christopher Bailey, stated, “We began our mining operations in November of 2021 as a test run to see how the nature of the cryptoverse would suit our company and to see if it could truly bring value to the company and its shareholders. We feel at this point that it is indeed a valuable endeavor as well as an exciting adventure for the company. While our COLONY division continues to grow, our long-term goal is focused on staking what cryptocurrencies we mine and hold, to bring long-term value, profit and to contribute to strengthening the overall value of the cryptocurrency networks and futures.”

SWRM is currently restructuring the NFT arm of the company. We are in the process of moving our NFT platform to a new domain as well as adding hundreds of new NFTs including the Bored Alien series once the new platform is launched.

This area of operation for SWRM, also known as COLONY, can provide key functionality to creating an automated revenue stream.

AppSwarm is a collective of creative and technological minds submerged in cybersecurity solutions, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, digital and marketing solutions. AppSwarm also specializes in the accelerated development and publishing of mobile apps and other software platforms for gaming and business applications. AppSwarm partners with and assists other development firms in technology development, business management, and funding needs.

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