Crypto Cash Calendar Reviews – Is Crypto Investor Network with Charlie Shrem Legit?

The Crypto Cash Calendar is a new marketing campaign from Charlie Shrem and his work at the Crypto Investor Network. Users can only gain access as part of a subscription, allowing them to learn new details about recently launched cryptocurrencies.

What is Crypto Investor Network?

Cryptocurrency is still a nascent market with just over a decade since the launch of the first Bitcoin. The market has come a long way since then, leading to the launch of over 100 new crypto assets, though many experts still call the industry volatile. People who know how to navigate this market will see an impressive difference in their investments, which is where the Crypto Investor Network comes in.

Priced at $99, the Crypto Investor Network allows users to get access to Charlie Shrem’s recommendation in the form of an online newsletter. This newsletter is updated monthly, giving the user new opportunities in the crypto market. Part of their latest content is the Crypto Cash Calendar, which will show users the upcoming events that they should put on their own calendar. Users have a chance to invest at the exact time that they need to.

What is the Crypto Cash Calendar?

The Crypto Cash Calendar is part of the benefits of subscribing to the newsletter. With many important dates and times, users have a chance to get in at exactly the right time to make major profit from the crypto industry. Among all of these dates, consumers will receive buy signals, recommendations for trading, and more to get the profit they hope for from altcoins. The calendar also details the upgrades that are happening to assets worldwide with launch dates and other details.

With the calendar, consumers can make smarter trades than what they typically invest. While some consumers might be worried that the investment options won’t give them as much as they want, every asset recommended with the Crypto Cash Calendar has to meet certain criteria.

Potential Profits from the Crypto Cash Calendar

The only reason that anyone gets involved with this type of venture is to profit, and the Crypto Cash Calendar is highly focused on delivering. Charlie comments on the website that this option helps any user to make major gains on their investment.

With a few dates outlined, Charlie explains that customers should make sure their schedule can accommodate the events he describes because they stand to make a lot of money. Though users don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to see major changes, he says that $250 should be a good baseline for the investments. Users will need to take this amount and focus on following the dates that Charlie releases, allowing them to multiple their money substantially.

Charlie has a track record of being right about these types of predictions. Ahead of a 600% surge, Charlie told his followers to invest in Voyager Token. When he recommended Cardano at the beginning, it rose by over 5,000%. Now, with his Crypto Cash Calendar, users can replicate this success in a seemingly unreal way. To get access, users have to subscribe to the Crypto Investor Network.

With a long list of proven investments, Charlie uses the Crypto Cash Calendar as an opportunity to reveal a whole new world of profit to consumers who have never seen this amount of money before. There’s no extra research required, and users can have faith that Charlie’s recommendations won’t lead them astray. This calendar could ultimately serve as a prediction of what the user can expect with their investments for the best gains possible.

Requirements of Crypto Cash Calendar Coins

Any coin that is listed on the Crypto Cash Calendar has to meet four requirements to even be listed by Charlie. The rules that the coins follow are:

Must have value. All of the coins have to deal with a real issue in the world in a way that means something. If life doesn’t get easier as a result of this coin, Charlie didn’t consider it.

Must cover a large market. Every coin found on the calendar has to help a large group of people to deal with a real problem. Charlie isn’t interested in diving too deeply into a niche coin, which is why he finds altcoins that work with blockchain technology and brings companies together. Chainlink, for instance, offers blockchain-based smart contracts, and their value has risen by 19,000% since the launch.

Must have a visionary team. Every coin’s team has to be all about maximizing growth, and Charlie reviews all of these teams to make sure their experience and connections help. One of the many companies that he favors for their team is Helium.

The fourth rule is unknown to anyone but Charlie himself.

What’s Included with the Crypto Cash Calendar?

To access the Crypto Cash Calendar, consumers have to start by subscribing to the Crypto Investor Network. With the calendar, consumers learn the best ways to make trades for optimal returns on their investments. Charlie explains that using the right timing for the market can help users determine the right dates, times, and other statistics for the best profit. It also shows the best way to determine buy signals and updates.

When users purchase access to the Crypto Cash Calendar, they receive:

  • Every upcoming crypto date that users need to watch for, including new releases and major updates.
  • Information about the cryptocurrencies that meet Charlie’s requirements for inclusion.
  • Details on every “buy” signal on the calendar.
  • New alerts whenever the calendar adds another opportunity or coin purchase recommendation.
  • With the buy signals, users will also get details on the name of the crypto asset with their coin signal and projection of possible profits.

What’s Included with Crypto Investor Network?

Enrollment in the Crypto Investor Network is a condition of getting access to the Crypto Cash Calendar. In this promotion for 2022, Charlie and his platform Investor Place provide users with the newsletter and multiple bonus reports for new customers.

The included content with a new membership to Crypto Investor Network is:

A one-year subscription to Crypto Investor Network. This subscription provides users with news, research, and other investment details for anyone involved in crypto or blockchain. It provides the chance to get involved with some of the most lucrative investments with consistent updates every month.

Instant access to the Crypto Cash Calendar. Access to the calendar is contingent on subscribing to the Crypto Investor Network newsletter. Users will learn about the best times to buy small crypto assets, ensuring that they make the most profit possible.

Access to the complete Crypto Investor Network model portfolio. Within this portfolio, consumers will have access to the previous recommendations that the subscription has released, which includes altcoin recommendations and current holdings. Copying these trades is the easiest way for investors to get the same level of gains and progress that Charlie has seen.

SPECIAL REPORT: Crypto’s Next Blockbuster Coins. This report allows consumers to know what they need to do to make substantial money from the two coins recommended within it. The user will have exclusive access to the names of the assets with their ticker symbols and basic instructions. With this information, consumers can potentially make a lot of money as the altcoins become more popular in the market.

SPECIAL REPORT: The First Wave of Tokenization Wealth. Within this guide, users will learn about the tokenization economy that is projected to be worth $544 trillion. The report explains that there are five opportunities ahead of them that could see tenfold returns, based on the estimates of the Crypto Investor Network team. The blockchain platforms put the user in a position that could give them a sizable cut of the profits.

SPECIAL REPORT: 27 Cryptos to Sell Before They Die. While most companies launch with the hopes of longevity, that isn’t the case for every asset. Some will no longer be necessary within the next 5 years, and this report explains exactly which ones are projected to fail. Users have the unique opportunity to get off of the sinking ships of these altcoins, though there are some assets that are still so successful that consumers might be surprised. In total, this report recommends selling 27 cryptocurrencies as soon as possible.

SPECIAL REPORT: Altcoin Investing for Beginners. This report shows users what they need to accumulate crypto wealth at a rapid pace. It just takes attention for the right altcoins, and users without any trading experience can make a major difference.

Signing up will also give users access to the Crypto Cash Calendar Trading Primer, which is loaded with information that can help with substantial returns. Users will learn about their indicators and the way that they work, and they’ll gain necessary details on predicting price movements.

Pricing for a Crypto Investor Network Subscription

For a one-year membership, consumers will have to pay $99. The subscription renews annually, so users will need to remember that they’ll be charged this amount again after a year. If the user doesn’t get what they want from this product, they can cancel at any time by reaching out to Investor Place.

Refund Policy for the Crypto Investor Network Subscription

Charlie and Investor Place focus on offering lifetime satisfaction for consumers. If the user isn’t happy with their membership, they can ask for a refund on the subscription at any point in the first year of the subscription.

If the user loses money on their investments, however, there’s no way to regain these funds.

Contacting Investor Place

Investor Place can be reached by sending an email to or calling 800-219-8592.

Final Word

With Charlie Shrem’s Crypto Cash Calendar, consumers can get major profits by simply following the directions. The marketing campaign makes it possible to get a subscription with monthly recommendations and an entire list of dates that they need to follow. Everything is based on the right timing, and users can find out the market movements that they should make to gain profits.

To learn more about Crypto Cash Calendar, be sure to visit the official website by clicking here! >>>


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