Galveston ISD employee resigns after secretly mining crypto on campus

An employee for the Galveston Independent School District recently resigned after administrators discovered several cryptocurrency mining machines on school campuses.

Galveston ISD said in a statement that its IT department discovered the machines on April 7 because they were attached to district’s network.

“On April 8, after an initial investigation, the employee responsible for installing the devices was placed on administrative leave and ultimately resigned his position with the district on April 18,” the statement read. “Although the investigation related to the employee’s misuse of district property is ongoing, it has been confirmed that there was no breach of data resulting from this incident.”

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Cryptocurrency mining requires specialized computer hardware and an internet connection, so that a computer can rapidly compute an algorithm in exchange for a reward, or crypto. Individuals often set up “rigs” that require exceptional amounts of electricity. 

The district did not confirm whether the employee was an educator or how many machines were found. The machines were found on six campuses and were in areas that not many people had access to, according to ABC 13.

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