Top Crypto YouTuber Keyur Rohit Guides Traders with Smart

Diu, June 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The crypto world is highly dynamic. With different crypto coins and crypto-based projects coming up daily, there is a need to find an accurate information source. Despite a lot of crypto content available online, it is difficult to understand the different technologies and concepts associated with these cryptocurrencies and trading platforms. Making crypto investments smart and easy is the aim of YouTuber Keyur Rohit, who has more than 135K subscribers who wait for his videos every week.

Keyur Rohit is an award-winning top crypto influencer in India famous for his YouTube content that guides crypto enthusiasts with information regarding multiple cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Altcoins, and more. He also helps people with technologies associated with different crypto platforms and provides a technical and fundamental analysis of all things crypto. In addition, the influencer is always up to date with crypto news and updates, making him a sought-after crypto YouTuber.

Keyur started his channel Crypto King Keyur a year ago with some general mobile and tech hacks. As his videos received more than 12M views, the 23 years-old YouTuber decided to start an interesting and sought-after niche- Crypto. His initial videos offered insights into government regulation on cryptocurrency in India. He soon started talking about meme tokens like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and others. Today his videos have more than two mil views.

A Computer Science engineer from the National Institute of Technology, Goa, Keyur has been passionate about technology early on. He has received the Young Scientist Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, for his research work presented at the India International Science Festival, titled, “An Edge Computing BasYed Deep Learning Approach for Autonomous Vehicular Systems.”

He has also worked with the National Innovation Foundation and UNICEF, where he offered technology-based solutions to solve the problems of Indian farmers. He helped create Machine Learning-based mobile application for these farmers. With his innovative mind and tech background, the YouTuber was intrigued by the crypto space. With his interest in Blockchain technology and crypto space, the YouTuber recently was named the Top Crypto Influencers in India at the World’s Largest Blockchain Summit held in Dubai.

Along with insights on crypto coins, he has made great profits from his investments in different crypto coins. He often shares his analysis and trading tricks with his followers on different social media channels like Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. One can usually notice that Keyur’s analysis has also helped many of his followers. 

The 23-year-old crypto YouTuber has an extensive list of followers on all his channels, where he offers updates related to cryptocurrency. He has also earned a Silver Play Button from YouTube in a span of one year for his interesting content and higher views on each video.

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