Inaugural GenSea Blue Economy Pathways Educator Professional Development Program Attracts Teachers from Across Mississippi

06/20/2022 – 13:05pm | By: Van Arnold

Teachers from across the state trekked to the Gulf Coast earlier this month to attend
GenSea Blue Economy Pathways, a professional development experience sponsored by The University of Southern Mississippi’s
(USM) Center for STEM Education. The program introduced them to jobs in Mississippi’s
blue economy as part of a new workforce development initiative.

Nineteen teachers spent three days on USM’s coastal campuses meeting USM scientists
and engineers, along with local blue economy professionals from business and government.

Dr. Julie Cwikla, Center for STEM Education Director, noted: “Investing in teachers,
building their knowledge, and diversifying their experiences always has a tremendous
return on investment. Every one of these GenSea workshop teachers will take what they
learned about blue economy career paths back to their 100 students in the fall. Imagine
what we can do for the future workforce if we keep this cycle of learning going.” 

Each day of the program aligned to specific sectors in marine-related fields. Day
one, which centered around the Marine Research Center in Gulfport, focused on marine
robotics and uncrewed maritime systems. Its setting at the Port of Gulfport also allowed
for an introduction to logistics careers.

The second day, took place at both campuses of USM’s Gulf Coast Research Lab and USM
Fleet Operations in Biloxi, covering marine science research, education, and extension

The final day at Stennis Space Center covered government and military science careers,
with visits to NASA, NOAA, and Navy facilities in addition to USM’s Department of
Marine Science.

Each day featured a panel of experts in blue economy fields answering teachers’ questions
about the education and training needed to obtain these jobs. Along the way, the teachers
visited private facilities including Ocean Aero, the Mississippi Aquarium, the Biloxi
Maritime & Seafood Museum, and Rocket Aerodyne to round out the experience.

Teacher feedback on the experience was overwhelmingly positive:

“This was amazing and one of the most beneficial teacher workshops I’ve ever attended.
. . We have an amazing blue economy in our back yard and these local students and
beyond need to know what all it offers other than just white sandy beaches.” 

“My expectations were exceeded for this training. . . We enjoyed learning about and
meeting professionals who expressed interest in actually helping us connect our students
to jobs. We felt like VIPs the entire three days, and that was extremely rewarding.” 

“Before my 3-day experience, I would have told anyone I understood what was available
to future workforce in Mississippi. During and after my experience, I have discovered
an exciting behind the scenes Gulfport, Biloxi, and Ocean Springs I was ignorant of.
Our great State has countless opportunity for growth, and more than enough careers
related to the Blue Economy that would allow our posterity to thrive. I will no longer
see the Gulf Coast as ‘little Las Vegas.’”

GenSea Director of Communications & Curriculum Tara Skelton said of the event, “The
teacher response to this experience has been very gratifying and in large part due
to the buy-in of the entire community to the GenSea project. It’s in the best interest
of the blue economy sector as a whole to have a pipeline of technically-trained students
to fill these positions. These offices and industries recognize that and have been
very supportive.”

GenSea: Blue Economy Pathways introduces high school students across Mississippi to the vast career opportunities
in our coastal corridor. This USM workforce development collaborative effort pairs
the Center for STEM Education and the School of Ocean Science and Engineering, with
generous support from the Robert M. Hearin Support Foundation. To learn more, go to

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