Increased economic activity buffer domestic inflation – FBC News

Fiji’s current economic activity has to some extent, countered the harsher impacts of domestic inflation on ordinary consumers.

Reserve Bank Governor Ariff Ali says domestic inflation is expected to increase from three to around seven percent in the next couple of months before we see a drop towards the end of the year.

Ali says Fiji has been able to successfully manage inflation so far.

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“Within a span of two months, arrivals from New Zealand have surpassed the 50 percent that we had anticipated. About 65 percent of visitor arrivals came in May this year compared to May 2019. “

Ali adds that Fiji’s investment market is also growing, contributing to our economic recovery.

Participating in the ‘Enabling Trade Recovery’ today, Immigration Director Amelia Komaisavai says they continue to receive investor permit applications.

“In terms of New Zealand investors, we saw from our permit application, tourism goes up as a leading industry. After tourism is real estate. Based on our record, we have a total of 149 New Zealanders holding an investor permit right now, and 86 are those that continue to extend their investor permit. “

The business community is having a “Business Mission 2022” programme in which they engage with the New Zealand Fiji Business Council to explore business opportunities.

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