Maduro Calls To Consolidate Venezuela’s Economic Diversity | News

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro called on public and private producers to consolidate the country’s diversified economic model and generate export options linked to food security and sovereignty in the world.

 President Maduro Arrives in Azerbaijan

In statements made to the media after he arrived in Azerbaijan, the Bolivarian leader said that during his Eurasian tour, meetings had been held with various sectors to bring investment, knowledge and technology to Venezuela.

He added that another purpose of this work has been to create markets for Venezuelan business people in this geographic region. In this sense, he called on Venezuelan producers to consider that this market is opening up around them, with millions of people and great economic power.

He emphasized that in the meetings held during these days, the investment plan in areas such as oil, gas, petrochemicals, tourism, food and trade has been reviewed, and proposals have been examined, which will result in action plans.

He went on to say that the country must consolidate its diversified model and not depend on oil. He said that Venezuela is an energy power and will continue to develop oil and gas but must consider not being dependent on oil.

He insisted on the need to generate export options linked to food security and sovereignty in the world, especially in the current crisis, with inflation and shortage of products such as rice, wheat and other vital products.

He said that the tour has also been beneficial to update these interlocutors on Venezuela’s economic growth and political situation after years of aggression by the U.S. Government.

He added that in each country, the message had been conveyed to the authorities that the time had come to take steps towards an era of closer cooperation at the bilateral level.

He appreciated that the authorities had shown their delight in Venezuela’s path of recovery and diversification.

He described the working days in Qatar as extraordinary. He announced the entry into service of a direct air connection between the cities of Caracas and Doha as of next October.

Regarding the visit to Azerbaijan, he pointed out that he came to review the bilateral cooperation agenda between the two countries in the areas of tourism, agriculture, science and technology.

He also valued that the Eurasian tour has yielded excellent results in constructing a multipolar world and new humanity, a world with dialogue among peoples and without hegemonism, without powers that try to set themselves up as policemen of the peoples, he said.

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