South Sudan’s Igga in Khartoum for talks on economic cooperation

June 3, 2022 (JUBA)- South Sudan’s vice president and chair of the economic cluster is in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, for talks aimed at reviving economic cooperation between the two countries.

James Wani Igga arrived in Khartoum on Friday where he expects to meet authorities to discuss issues of bilateral talks on economic matters, as the two countries opened cross border trade and fluvial navigation.

His visit was preceded by several officials, including the minister of defence, minister of finance and economic planning, chief of defence forces, chief of military intelligence, a representative from the national police services, and several others.

” (…) Igga will be meeting authorities here to engage them on serious matters of bilateral relations. Also, he will brief them on the progress made in the implementation of the peace agreement and other range of issues pertaining to the cordial relations and bilateral between our people and the countries,”  Kau Nak, South’s charge de affairs in Khartoum told the Sudan Tribune.

since South Sudan’s declaration of independence in 2011, Sudan-South Sudan relations were marred by tensions over accusations of support to rebel groups leading to the closure of the border.

But during the latest years of the al-Bashir regime and particularly after the regime change in Sudan, the two countries have worked together to settle differences, develop relations and support each other in the resolution of internal rifts.

The two governments agreed on the need to restore trade between residents of the 2000 km border area. But also cooperation in oil and transport of imports through the Red Sea.

“While these messages are positive, the key is about the specific policies and their implementation,” said Deng Achuil A US-based South Sudanese economist.

He pointed to the difficult economic situation in the two countries and added that “A significant change of macro policy is necessary to turn the economy around.”



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