Duke Energy ready to help customers face surging energy prices

The impacts of global events, high demand and labor shortages are affecting people across the world. We feel it too. Costs are increasing from the grocery store to the gas pump and, yes, on your energy bill.  Duke Energy is committed to providing safe, reliable energy for the Greater Cincinnati region, where our customers depend on us every day to power their homes and businesses. And we share our customers’ concerns about the current state of rising prices in all aspects of their daily lives.

For almost two centuries, Duke Energy and its predecessors have been part of this region. We have supported our communities through storms, civil unrest, COVID-19 and workforce shortages, and we will assist our customers through this challenge as well.

Why are energy bills increasing?

Fallout from global events, abnormal weather conditions, and constraints in production and transportation of natural gas and other fuels continue to drive historically high energy prices. In fact, U.S. natural gas prices have surged to the highest level in more than 13 years and have already doubled this year. Many of our customers use less natural gas during the summer months, which helps to lessen the impact of these price spikes. But natural gas also fuels the production of electricity, year-round, and higher natural gas prices mean higher electric bills.

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