Energy program: How to get a free refrigerator through a federal program

Few people know that there’s a federal program that offers free refrigerators to thousands of Americans.

Several federal programs offer assistance and energy-saving deals.

What are the most common energy programs?

-Weatherization Assistance Programs: By increasing energy efficiency, it reduces energy costs for low-income families.

-Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program: Energy credits and economic help to low-income families.

The federal government grants money to states, and they decide how to help their people.

Energy programs are different in every state. The states establish income levels and diverse characteristics.

What is the program offering refrigerators?

According to Executive Director of the National Energy Assistance Directors Association Mark Wolfe, the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is the program that offers the replacement of refrigerators.

WAP’s qualifications vary by state.

Nevertheless, if your refrigerator is over 10 years to 15 years old, WAP programs can replace

Who qualifies for the replacement of fridges?

The information released by several states illustrates that seniors, families with children, and people with disabilities are a priority for WAP and their fridge replacement program.

However, renters and homeowners can apply.

Nevertheless, verify your state’s information.

According to The Sun, the most eligible criteria:

-Must meet the LIHEAP criteria

– Have incomes at or below 60% of your state’s median income

– Or your household income is below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level

Once you submit your application through your state’s service provider, they will contact you to confirm your eligibility, make an audit of your home, and interview you to “identify any health or safety issues.”

WAP’s personnel will install the new fridge after a building inspection.

What else can I get from the WAP programs?

-Air sealing (weather stripping, caulking)

-Attic and wall insulation

-Heating system improvements or replacement

-Efficiency improvements in lighting

-Hot water tank and pipe insulation

-Refrigerator replacements with Energy Star-rated units

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