How to Get Infinite Energy for Free

Disney Dreamlight Valley players use energy for almost everything in the game, and this trick lets them have infinite energy without spending a dime.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players need energy to perform even the most basic of tasks. Whether they are trying to water their pumpkins, mine for citrine in the Sunlit Plateau, dig for night shards, or fish with Goofy, players are going to need energy to get things done. Thankfully, restoring energy is fairly easy, as players just need to enter their home in order to gain back all of their energy, but there is a better method players can use to not only refill their energy but also gain up to double of their max energy at any given time completely for free.


Players can cook meals and eat various food items in Disney Dreamlight Valley that allow them to restore energy out in the field. This is helpful because it saves a trip back to the player’s house, but also has the added benefit of being able to fill the energy bar up a second time over. Still, cooking requires ingredients and money, which some players may not have.

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Obtaining Infinite Energy For Free

In order to get infinite energy for free, players first need to unlock Remy’s realm in Dreamlight Castle. This can be done as soon as Merlin shows the player the castle, and costs just 3,000 Dreamlight to open. Once inside, players can use any of the ingredients in Remy’s Paris restaurant for free to cook whatever they can think of without even needing to use coal like they do in the valley. While these ingredients and any meals made with them can’t be taken out of Remy’s realm, they can be eaten on the spot to restore energy.

use rattatouile realm for infinite energy

If players use the fast travel menu to teleport to Remy’s realm whenever they are low energy, they can cook meals and then eat them on the spot to restore their energy. Making Ratatouille with Remy works well for this method. Eating enough meals will cause the player’s energy bar to fill up a second time with a golden color rather than standard blue. This not only provides extra energy but also gives the player a speed boost as long as they have a little bit of golden energy left. After filling up the energy bar with golden energy, leave Remy’s realm and players will appear right back where they fast travelled from with a full energy bar.

This method is particularly useful for players that don’t want to journey all the way back to their house to refill energy in Dreamlight Valley, and it comes with a few perks as well. In order to make things easier, players could also choose to cook a bunch of meals in Remy’s realm ahead of time and then drop them on the floor. They will remain their until players return and can then be eaten for substantial energy boosts.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is in early access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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