How you can conserve energy in record breaking heat

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) – “What happened to spring? Gone in a flash,” said Monica Chumley, a Texas resident.

It’s only May, but it feels much more like the hot summer months.

“It’s awful,” said Alison Watson, another Texas resident. “It’s only preparing us for even hotter weather. We’re going to fry.”

On Sunday, Texoma broke the 70-year heat record, soaring above 92 degrees to 94 and drawing dozens out to the water to escape the heat.

“We are going to put the boat in lake Texoma and just hang out and stay cool,” said Watson.

And the higher the heat, typically means the higher the energy demand.

“I just hope that nobody’s air conditioner goes out, so keep it down,” said Watson.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas asked Texans to conserve energy as the state faces a heatwave this weekend.

They said to make sure your thermostat is at least 78 degrees and minimize your use of large machines, like washers and dryers.

If you need to do laundry or wash the dishes, the best time is after 8 pm, when the demand for energy is typically lower.

“A lot of times, I like to open the drapes, and I said, ‘today, I think I’m going to keep all the drapes closed, try to keep it as dark in the house as possible, try to keep it cool enough for the pets and everything … not let the hot air in,’” said Chumley.

ERCOT said six power generation facilities went offline Friday, but they are back up now, and there is enough power to meet demand.

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