What’s the most economical climate change solution? Renewable energy, not unproven technology like carbon capture

Regarding “Force Big Oil to address climate” (Open Forum, June 3): The writers suggest that Big Oil should be making large reductions in carbon emissions with carbon capture and storage technologies, and that companies would have to be forced by the government to do this because it’s not in their economic interests.

But let’s get real on economics. Renewable energy is less expensive than fossil fuels. It costs me much less to drive my car, using 100% renewable from my electricity provider, than it costs to drive a gas-burning vehicle. Consider that the fossil fuel industry still receives government subsidies, part of the economic shell game where taxpayers pay extra taxes that are funneled to certain industries so that their products can cost less, thus encouraging their continued consumption.

Carbon capture and storage is unproven and will add to fossil fuel costs. Renewable energy sources are not only economical to the consumer, they don’t have the environmental and health costs of fossil fuels.

Rather than push carbon capture and storage, the government should eliminate oil industry subsidies, impose big fees on air pollutants and use the fees to fund rebates for the public to change their fossil burning vehicles and building heating systems into clean electric systems.

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