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Electricity unbelievably increased 52%. Looking at the supply structure gives an explanation. Ours is the most convoluted inexplicable supply chain imaginable. Ameren only brokers and passes along costs to a captive market—we peons. A perfect model for Illinois govt to manipulate this market and blame others.   Ameren uses the grid but it belongs to others. As does power generation. And of course, the cost rise is the fault of their cost increases for fossil fuel caused by Ukraine war. Not because Biden cancelled Keystone pipeline, public land drilling, cancelled off-shore oil, fracking and increased regulations closing nuclear, coal and gas fired power plants. Now he says it is the war’s fault. Did Ukraine cause the baby formula debacle? No these are examples of Biden and bureaucracy working to make themselves important but miss crises and results of runaway govt regulations they perpetrate.

Oil went from $30/barrel to $120 and Biden blames oil companies. Not govt subsidies for solar and wind power generation for coming up short on supply of electricity. Ameren denies blame for any cost increases. This borders on the dumbest accusation in history. Then Biden and John Kerry say climate change is today the world’s most threatening catastrophe, in the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence. How can anyone be so naïve to expect our country to accept such unsupportable accusations from top Democrats? Yet Ameren and Illinois jumped onboard. It is shown over and over that wind and solar are totally incapable of supplying world energy. Only gas and nuclear are capable sources until hydrogen fuel cells are perfected.  

So Biden and Dems see this as opportunity for his fiat raising fossil fuel costs and substitute renewable sources to save the world. Therefore, increasing subsidies for solar and wind power and EVs to replace gasoline autos. This in the face of incontrovertible science EVs cannot meet transportation needs—outside metropolitan areas. They are capable of 300 miles before needing re-charged. That makes Tesla a Tinker Toy. Good to run around town but pretty much useless for cross state driving. However, owners display their wealth spending $60,000 for a toy EV barely capable of leaving city limits. 

Forecasted renewable energy blackouts harken back to the days of horse drawn carriages. Actually, it might be better to give the underdeveloped world horse and buggies rather than renewable energy. Horses are actually edible if one can stand to butcher such beautiful creatures. Their manure fertilizes vegetation—and when dried burns for heating—even cooking fires—but do not grill my steak over horse poop fire. Climate change worriers dislike horses because eating vegetation makes them fart methane gas. That ignores the fact 90% methane gas evolves from ancient continuous decay of existing vegetation. It is not the fault of horses, cows, goats or pigs.   

So today Ameren and Illinois claim they are not at fault. Will Democrats and Ameren ever realize people do not need anymore reason to leave Illinois?

Ron Jones


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