TrustSwap’s Team.Finance Continues to Be the Industry Leader in Cryptocurrency Token Locks and Management

LOS ANGELES, May 02, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The team at TrustSwap recently released a detailed comparison of its Team.Finance tool and that of Unicrypt, which offers similar services.

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Team.Finance is a DeFi tool that provides liquidity locking and team vesting services for token founders and the crypto community. The product was launched by TrustSwap a year ago and the dollar value locked has grown substantially since then.

Team.Finance provides investors with assurance that DeFi project teams will not dump their tokens on the market, causing their new cryptocurrency to crash. With Team.Finance, DeFi project founders, and teams can reassure investors that their project is legitimate and not a scam, helping them to build trust with their new community.

Projects that choose not to use a token locking system risk losing out on investors who may be wary of rug pulls and other common scams in the crypto space.

Team.Finance will soon provide DeFi projects with a security score, providing them with a quantifiable way to advertise their level of security to potential investors.

More than 21,000 DeFi projects have locked a staggering total value of $6.5 billion+ in crypto with Team.Finance’s services.

TrustSwap’s overall goal is to create a secure DeFi ecosystem for all stakeholders with minimal risk of hacks and network attacks. Team.Finance is a security-focused ecosystem that includes liquidity locking, token locking, and token generation services.

The comparison between Team.Finance and Unicrypt uses the following criteria: volume of locked value, service fees, and the number of blockchains supported.

Total Value Locked

As was mentioned above, total value locked for Team.Finance is $6.5 billion+ from 21,000+ DeFi projects. In comparison, Unicrypt has a total value locked of $500 million+ from 14,000+ DeFi projects.

Service Fees

For Token Locks and Liquidity Locks through Team.Finance TrustSwap charges a flat fee of $75. Token generation doesn’t require a fee, but 0.4% of the supply goes back to the community through farming pools, and 0.1% goes to the TrustSwap Dev Fund.

For Token Locks, Unicrypt charges $15,000 in contract whitelisting and 0.35% of the locked tokens. For Liquidity Locks, they charge 1% of locked LP tokens and a separate fee for each blockchain. Unicrypt also charges 0.3% of the minted token supply and a separate fee for each blockchain for token generation.

TrustSwap is more cost-effective for DeFi projects which explains why our total value locked is significantly more than our competitors.

Blockchains Supported

For Token Locks, Liquidity Locks, and Token Generation, Unicrypt only supports three blockchains; Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.

For Token Locks and Liquidity Locks, TrustSwap’s Team.Finance supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, plus seven other popular blockchains; Avalanche, Conflux, Polygon, PulseChain, Cronos, Heco, and Velas.

For Token Generation, in addition to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, TrustSwap’s Team.Finance also supports Polygon.

In conclusion, pound for pound, it’s clear to see that TrustSwap’s Team.Finance is the market leader, with billions more in value locked than our competition. With lower, more straightforward service fees and more blockchains supported, Team.Finance leads the industry in total value provided to DeFi projects.

About TrustSwap

TrustSwap is a company that provides blockchain-related, multi-chain DeFi tools & services to both corporate and retail customers. The company builds user-friendly, affordable, Blockchain-related tools, dapps, and services that ensure the security and integrity of cryptocurrencies for Crypto newcomers and consumers, large or small.

Our products and services provide solutions to problems related to token & liquidity locking, token minting, escrow, and vesting. In addition, we also offer solutions for cryptocurrency asset distribution, staking and tracking, NFT services, and fundraising.

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