USA finance and payments live updates: student debt cancellation, $2,753 monthly check, tax refund, recession…

Will Democrats pass more financial relief before the midterms?

Democrats are now accepting that they may not be able to get the rest of President Biden’s agenda across the finish line before the midterms in September, despite restarting talks with Senator Joe Manchin regarding investment in families and climate change response.

The West Virginia Senator is holding back his key vote which would allow the Democrats to go it alone, insisting that the spending proposals be bipartisan. With the need to show voters they can get something done to improve their lot and lower rising costs or face a shellacking in November at the polls their are calls from Democratic lawmakers for the President to use Excecutive Action.

Of their “comprehensive list” that has been presented to the White House, “top of that list, I would say, is cancelling student debt,” Representative Pramila Jayapal told Jonathan Capehart on the Sunday Show. Another major priority would be to raise the overtime threshold to $83,000 according to the leader of the House Progressive Caucus.

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