100 Utah women sign statement ‘standing together’ against harassment in politics

SALT LAKE CITY — On Monday, 100 Democratic and Republican women signed a statement “standing together” against harassment in politics.

The statement was shared by politicians including state legislators, local mayors, and others.

The statement reads, “We stand together in stating unequivocally that there is no place for harassment in Utah politics. As elected officials, staffers, and strategists from across the political spectrum, we have seen allegations come to light on both sides of the aisle where women are harassed and victimized. We are united in our resolve to fight for a safe and healthy environment for women to create and influence policy in all areas of government. We are committed to strengthening policies that protect women and create a safe environment where women are heard and believed. We join in solidarity with those who have been victimized and we commit to do more. Everyone deserves a safe work environment. Aggressors must be held accountable for their actions, regardless of their years of service or status. We applaud the men who have spoken out and who value what women bring to public service.”

The statement was released just days after an intern accused long-time Sen. Gene Davis, D-Salt Lake City, of sexual harassment on social media.

Sen. Gene Davis suspended on sexual harassment claims

Davis has been temporarily suspended from all Salt Lake County Democratic Party events, committees and any party-related activity due to allegations.

Utah Senate President J. Stuart Adams has also called for an independent investigation into the allegations.

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