Carnegie Connects: The Politics of an Oil Crisis With Helima Croft

Millions of Americans are frustrated as U.S. gas prices now exceed $5 per gallon at the pump—and are only projected to rise. One of the key drivers behind the global inflationary spike is, of course, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Disruption in the flow of Russian oil and gas, combined with preexisting inflationary pressures, have roiled energy and financial markets and placed a renewed focus on energy security. How will this new energy equation impact government policies in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and especially in the United States? Will this situation pressure U.S. and international leaders to find alternative energy solutions and finally deal substantively with climate change? And can the United States and its allies find ways to mitigate the impact of energy costs on consumers, or are rising prices at the pump here to stay for the foreseeable future?

Join Aaron David Miller as he sits down with Helima Croft, managing director of global commodity strategy research at RBC Capital Markets, for a conversation on these and other issues.

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