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To the editor:

Setting aside the debate on the legitimacy of the 2020 election, the result is the reality we are now living in. The pain of high energy prices, food prices, inflation, supply chain crisis, high crime rates, falling stock market that is destroying future retirement funds for people and on and on. These things are having a detrimental effect on each and every one of us every day regardless of party affiliation, religion, sex or race.

We can lay blame on many things. However, the largest majority of the blame rests with the politicians and bureaucrats and the policies that have been inflicted on the people of cities, counties, states and the entire United States.

We need to ask the question, where did these politicians and bureaucrats come to possess the power they wield?

Does our Constitution have a clause in it we aren’t aware of that gives elected officials and appointed bureaucrats that power?

If so, where is it?

Actually, it isn’t there, so then, why do we let them continue to wield power over us?

The conclusion is the lack of participation in the process of selecting the people that will represent us at all levels of government. Most people know little or nothing about how these people get their names on ballots prior to us electing them. That has been apparent over the years by the lack of attendance at local caucus, political units and conventions.

We need to get more involved in the complete process and hold the people we choose to account. That means to get active and do more than just show up at the polls to vote. Take the time the effort to find the like minded political affiliation in your county and participate. Join in the effort to be the “somebody” that does something.

Roger Baumann


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