Moline Council members hoping to reinvest in Interstate 92 corridor | Politics and elections

Moline City Council wants Interstate 92 improvements to be a priority in its next strategic plan.

I-92 runs east to west along the south side of the Mississippi River in Illinois and is maintained by the state.

The last time I-92 had major work done beyond maintenance like filling potholes or repainting of the street lines was in the 1990s. At that time, concrete was poured around the manholes and topped with asphalt, council members said.

“Nobody’s going to reinvest in that corridor given the conditions,” City Administrator Bob Vitas said. 

Vitas and the council hope to make the I-92 corridor development plan a high priority in the fiscal year 2022-2024 Strategic Action Plan.

Fourth Ward Ald. Matt Timion acknowledged at the Tuesday evening round table discussion that the corridor should be a priority because it would improve the roads, bike lanes and parking. 

“All the stuff we are trying to do with multimodal transportation, this ties in,” Timion said. 

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In 2020, the I-92 corridor was studied to determine possible upgrades.

Vitas said there has not been much communication since that time, and the council would need to decide if it is a high priority to follow-up with due to the deteriorating conditions. 

The study of the corridor was divided into six zones analyzing key problems to help redesign the corridor to help improve current and future transportation, economic development, and use-of-land. 

Vitas said city officials would follow-up with the Illinois Department of Transportation. 

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