Primary elections live updates: What to watch for in California, Montana

Attorney Jessica Cisneros will request a recount in the Texas Democratic primary runoff election between her and Rep. Henry Cuellar that took place May 24.

“Our community isn’t done fighting, we are filing for a recount,” Cisneros said in a statement. “With just under 0.6 percent of the vote symbolizing such stark differences for the future in South Texas, I owe it to our community to see this through to the end.”

As of Monday night, Cuellar was leading Cisneros by 187 votes, or 0.4 percentage points, according to the Associated Press. Because the contest was so close, however, the AP did not project a winner. Under Texas rules, there are no automatic recounts. But the second-place finisher can request — and pay for — a second tally if the margin of victory is less than 10 percent of the winner’s total.

Cuellar declared victory Monday night and called on Democrats to “come together,” even while acknowledging that Cisneros “has every legal right to call for a recount.”

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