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ROWESVILLE — Rowesville Mayor Paul Bishop announced that he has been working with the S.C. Department of Transportation on the speeding issues in front of Fairey Park.

He would like for there to be a speed hump installed on the street before and after it to curb the speeding. The area is a residential ares where families are living as well as a school bus pickup zone. Bishop wishes the people traveling through Rowesville would be more considerate and fears there may be an accident one day.

The stray dogs in Rowesville are still present, and Bishop plans to capture them so he can get them the medical attention they need and help on their way to a safe home. If interested in housing one of the dogs, contact town hall at 803-534-2745.

Bishop announced that the street light replacement will be in September and that they will be replacing the high-pressure sodium lights with the new LED lights.

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The town museum projects continue, and the new roof installation will be starting soon.

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The next council meeting will be held July 11 at 7:30 p.m. at Rowesville Town Hall, 309 River Drive.

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