What does the SCOTUS opinion on abortion mean for Virginia politics?

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – This Supreme Court of the United States opinion Friday means the decision of abortion will be handed back to the states.

For now, abortion remains legal in Virginia. But what does it mean for the political landscape of Virginia?

WDBJ7 Political Analyst Dr. Bob Denton says there is no question the topic of abortion will be among the top 5 issues for candidates – particularly heading into the 2023 elections.

“Now of course now it is at the state level and that’s where the battle, if you will, will take place,” he said.

Denton told us on the WDBJ7+ Digital News Desk Friday he expects abortion related legislation to be brought forward in the General Assembly session come January, but that it will play a role in the interim.

“It can serve as an activation if you will, for those who when we have off year elections, turnout’s not quite as much.”

While both parties will be invested, Denton thinks one might be slightly more motivated.

“I would think given the strategic environment overall, it may provide more of a motivation in terms of the Democrats and their core constituencies.”

Denton says politicians are acutely aware of public opinion and knows this will be considered a defining issue, even outside of party lines.

“It’s not so much the party people there, it’s the independents. It’s suburban women we talk about. Women vote in higher numbers in the Commonwealth of Virginia than men do, almost by double digits. And so, it will definitely impact the forthcoming campaign and it will be used as a defining issue.”

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