5% rebate for full payment of property tax: BBMP extends deadline to May 31 | Bengaluru

Property owners in Bengaluru can now avail 5% rebate against the full payment for 2022-23 till May 31, 2022. The BBMP issued a notification on stating this, extending the rebate period by another 31 days.


BBMP’s instruction for taxpayers :

1. If the property tax return for the previous year has not been filed, property tax for the current year shall be accompanied with the return and dues, if any for the previous years.

2. Additional Depreciation cannot be claimed for the year 2017-18 and 2018-19 and 2019-2020 as depreciation can be claimed once in a block period, i.e from 2016-17 to 2019-20


3. If revised return for any year has been filed, then the return for the current year shall be on the basis of revised return filed.

4. In case if any tax was paid in advance and after adjusting for the tax for the previous years, if there is still a balance, it will be paid back through Cheque or DD after due verification.

5. If property tax is paid in two installments for the current year, then same form is used for second installment.

6. 5% rebate on total property tax to be paid could be availed, if you are paying full amount in one installment.

7. If you are making payment for previous years (arrears payment) , payment shall be made after generating challan for each previous year.

8. Right now you can make the payment towards your property tax if you already paid the property tax at least once, by using your SAS BASE APPLICATION NUMBER or PID NUMBER. If you are paying the property tax for the first time kindly wait for a while.

9. If you are a defaulter, system calculate the interest automatically for the defaulted period at the rate of 2% per month.

10. If you are paying through DD or CASH, receipt could be generated instantly. But for the payment through cheques, receipt can be generated only after the realization of the cheque amount.


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