5G pole relocated from in front of Sarasota property

SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) — Last month, Marla Katz contacted 8 On Your Side for help after a 5G tower was installed in front of the property where she plans to build a home. She said she had no luck getting in contact with Verizon to have the pole relocated.

“I was not able to reach anybody at Verizon, but I think reaching out to you guys, it made them aware that we were very frustrated,” Katz said.

According to Katz, the issue was Verizon installed the pole on the property’s old line line rather than the new lot line. This put the 5G tower directly in front of what will eventually be her front door.

Two days after our story aired last month, officials with the City of Sarasota contacted Verizon via email, asking for them to move the pole “to provide the homeowner a better view of the street and better accordance with ordinance 20-5313.”

One of the criteria in the ordinance passed in 2020, states “new communications facilities, utility poles, wireless facilities, and wireless support structures shall be placed along common side-lot lines and not in front of residences, buildings or places of business”.

Monday morning, Verizon was back on site removing the pole and relocating it to the shared lot line. Katz credited 8 On Your Side for helping make it happen.

“To be honest, at this point I don’t think we would have gotten that far without you helping us so we really appreciate that,” said Katz. “We are at the point where Verizon has made an arrangement with us that if we pay to have the pole extracted, they would take care of everything else, therefore getting it away from the front of our door,” she explained.

Katz is now looking forward to moving forward with her plans to build in Sarasota’s Gillespie Park neighborhood.

“We are moving forward and we are looking forward to building in the neighborhood,” she said. “We found out that we have really terrific neighbors who have been watching out for us and that is just great and we don’t even live here yet.”

8 On Your Side contacted Verizon for comment Monday. We did not receive a response to our questions before the provided deadline.

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