Astoria’s Buoy Beer Has Provided an Update on Its Property Following a Partial Roof Collapse

Buoy Beer has issued a statement following the June 14 partial roof collapse, and while it’s far too early to provide a reopening date, it appears as though one of Astoria’s brewing gems will be off limits for quite some time.

David Kroening, the company’s president, says the former cannery building that houses the restaurant, small-batch brewery, brite and lager tanks and canning line suffered “significant damage” and is closed to everyone until further notice. Fencing has gone up around the property, which sits on a pier over the Columbia River, to ensure no one can access it.

Most importantly, no one was hurt in the cave-in since the restaurant was closed and brewing staff were not operating at the time.

Buoy is now waiting to hear from inspectors and officials with the City of Astoria before it determines and then announces any next steps.

Kroening adds that his team is working on plans to keep all Buoy employees working and get back to producing beer. The latter should be easier to accomplish, since a newer 50-barrel, four-vessel brewhouse and fermentation tanks are located across the Riverwalk from the pub. Buoy purchased the Astor Building, formerly a video rental store, and turned it into an open-air drinking hall in 2020 before construction began to accommodate all of the equipment.

Buoy’s sister companies, Pilot House Distilling and River Barrel Distribution, remain unaffected by the collapse and will continue business as usual.

“We are humbled by the overwhelming support from our local community as well as our industry friends,” Kroening stated in a press release. “We feel lucky to live and work in this place and in an industry like ours. Thank you for all your kindness while we navigate this situation.”

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