Buncombe property assessments see conflicting reports of inequity

ASHEVILLE – As Buncombe County’s Ad Hoc Reappraisal Committeerolls toward a goal of recommending ways the property assessment process can become more equitable, they now have a slight conundrum on their hands: varying perspectives on the same issue.

Two experts in recent months presented deep and broad studies on Buncombe’s property assessment process and whether or not it had racist or inequitable features baked in.

One presenter was Tom Tveidt, a research economist and president of Syneva Economics in Asheville, who has worked with the county before and contributed to studies and economic growth expertise in Western North Carolina. 

Tom Tveidt

Buncombe paid his firm $27,000 for the report, which he presented March 9.

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The Syenva presentation concluded data didn’t show inequity was a problem in how Buncombe assesses property values, though it did note many Buncombe properties had been underassessed and some over-assessed during the past six years.

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