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The first half of property tax collections has been completed by the treasurer offices of the surrounding six county area.

Twice a year, landowners or other legal entities (like a corporation) must pay taxes on the properties they own. These taxes are considered “ad valorem” taxes, which means they are taxes based off the assessed value of an item.

Property taxes are typically collected within the first three months of the year and then again toward the middle in June or July. It varies by state, and by district.

According to the Ohio Department of Taxation, the taxable (assessed) value is 35% of true market value, except for land used exclusively for agriculture. This taxable value is then calculated using local tax rates to determine the share of taxes due.

The tax money collected is then distributed throughout the counties, municipalities, townships, school districts and special districts according to the taxable values and total millage levied by each.

If an individual does not pay their property taxes, the taxes owed becomes delinquent and if left unpaid, the property could go into tax foreclosure or be put up for a tax lien sale.

The county treasurers calculate the amount of taxes that are delinquent into a percentage and this creates the county’s delinquency rate.

Below is the status of property taxes billed and collected in the first half of the year, as well as the delinquency rate at the current time. Property tax collection is not yet finished for the year.

• Amount billed: $66,000,337.90

• Amount collected: $32,204,974.16

• Delinquency rate: *16.27%

*Rover Pipeline, LLC, has appealed its taxable values assigned to their pipelines and compressor stations by the Ohio Department of Taxation. The case is currently pending with the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals. According to Defiance Treasurer Vickie Myers, $10,372,063.67 of delinquent taxes is from Rover Pipeline LLC., causing the delinquent rate to be 16.27%. If Rover is excluded the rate is 0.56%.

• Amount billed: $36,652,830.33

• Amount collected: $36,129,458.89

• Delinquency rate: 1.43%*

*This rate excludes Rover Pipeline LLC. The rate if the pipeline were to be included was not available at the time of this article.

• Amount billed: $59,475,749.50

• Amount collected: $31,118,172.17

• Delinquency rate: 1.1%

• Amount billed: $10,753,097.19

• Amount collected: $10,452,644.57

• Delinquency rate: 0.03%

• Amount billed: $20,896,840.39

• Amount collected: $20,035,573.10

• Delinquency rate: 4.2%

• Amount billed: $41,714,241.50

• Amount collected: $24,460,810.48

• Delinquency rate: 1.8%

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