David Stimpson discusses Project Phoenix, property he owns in Tecumseh

TECUMSEH — Last month, an online publication that reports on local and state governments in Michigan published a story alleging that Lenawee County Commission Chairman David Stimpson stands to benefit from Project Phoenix with several properties he owns in the city of Tecumseh, including a couple purchased a month after the county board approved proceeding with buying the Project Phoenix land.

Stimpson, who owns three residential properties besides his own home as well as four commercial properties and a warehouse, says he has been investing in Tecumseh properties since 2006 with the intention of restoring them and creating a better community. At no point has he sold any of his properties, nor does he have any intention of it. Stimpson said he stands to lose as a result of Project Phoenix because his property values will rise and his taxes on those properties will go up.  

He plans on passing along the properties to his children after he dies. 

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