Demolition order makes property a dud, not a bargain

RICHMOND, Ind. — Yolanda Hurd bought a house from the county, but she didn’t know the city had ordered its demolition.

“I thought that was wrong,” Hurd told Wayne County’s commissioners during their weekly Wednesday meeting.

Hurd paid $1,200 during a June 2 commissioners deed sale for the property at 1226 Liberty Ave. Unknown to her, the city of Richmond during May had declared the property’s 1,082-square-foot house unsafe and ordered it be razed.

Now, Hurd wants her money back.

Commissioner Ken Paust said that he opens all deed sales with a speech about buyers being aware that once a property is purchased it’s theirs. He said the auctioneer also pointed out the four properties subject to city orders; however, Hurd said she didn’t hear that about the property she bought.

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