Fans face parking challenges at Nashville SC home opener

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — As cars lined the neighborhoods outside Geodis Park for a coveted few parking spots, some residents saw it as an opportunity.

“I’m a three minute walk from Gate A from my front yard,” said Danny Lacouture. He lives just a few hundred feet from the stadium.

“This is my ‘all full’ sign that I made with gaff tape that I stole from work,” said Lacouture. He charged $80 a car for people to park on his property. At the end of the day, fourteen cars paid for the convenience of his property.

“It was awesome, it was a great day,” said Lacouture.

Others had different signs that read “no parking”, making it clear their property was off limits.

Meanwhile, some like Jessica Leftwich and Justice West opted for ride-shares.

“We definitely thought we planned it out well but not so much,” said Leftwich. “Getting back has been harder than coming in for sure.”

A lack of cell service and the surge in demand meant waiting.

“This one [Uber] kind of keeps backing out on us. It’s like more minutes, we’ve been here for like 20 minutes,” said Leftwich. “So we might have to start walking again.”

But despite the game ending in a tie, nearby resident Jeremy Swartz was happy.

“I think the ownership group has done an amazing job in keeping the community engaged and, quite frankly, I think we saw some of the result of that today,” said Swartz.

Although, it wasn’t without some lessons learned.

“Plan to stay late,” said Leftwich. “Yeah, grab a beer on the way out,” joked West.

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