Greene County keeps property tax rate the same, gives employees at least a 5% raise — Neuse News

The Greene County Commissioners approved the county manager’s recommendation for the 2022-2023 fiscal year budget. Listed below are the highlights of the approved budget.

1.    The budget was balanced using a tax rate of $.786 per $100 valuation which is the same as the previous year.

2.    The estimated valuation for real and personal property is at $1,097,003,687.

3.    This years budget includes an estimated net tax revenue of $9,950,000 which includes current years’ Ad Valorem and North Carolina Vehicle Tax System (NCVTS) Ad Valorem. An ad valorem tax is a tax based on the assessed value of an item, such as real estate or personal property.

4.    A Human Resources Position is budgeted in the administration portion of the proposed budget. This individual will add great value in a leadership role to our organization. This addition is the only new employee budgeted in this proposal:

5.    The budget contains an increase for all employees. All employees will receive the results of a recently updated salary study at 97% of the market, or a 5% COLA, whichever is higher. This aggressive attempt to invest in human capital is to combat the worst inflation seen in our country in over 40 years while trying to make salaries more competitive to assist in recruiting and retainment efforts.

6.    Funding for Lenoir Community College & Greene County Schools will remain the same as the FY 21/22 budget year.

7.    Three Sheriffs vehicles are included in the budget.

8.    An appropriation for an emergency services assessment has been added to the Fire Associations annual appropriation to gain perspective how both volunteers and County can improve their services provided and efficiencies.

9.    An Ambulance has been ordered from Atlantic Emergency Solutions and is expected to be delivered in the beginning of the 22/23 FY. This ambulance is being paid for with repurposed ARP Funds and a Budget Amendment will be done in coordination with its delivery to assure prompt payment.

10.    The budget continues to reflect a push for more participation from local fire departments for the first responder program, with $7,500 budgeted (3 departments).

11.    The proposed budget contains annual dues to be part of the Global Trans-park Economic Development Region, as well the cost of an existing industry representative.

12.    A Multiyear Capital Project has been created for the construction of a third EMS facility in the eastern part of the County. Funding has been provided by State Capital Infrastructure Funds 392 totaling $400,000 and State Capital Infrastructure Funds totaling $650,000 of which $350,000 can be used towards this facility. This facility continues the County’s initiative to improve Emergency Services for citizens.

13.    According to the NCGA Chief Economist, they conservatively estimate a 2.7% Sales and Use increase. Conversely, Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) estimated over 6% increase.

 The commissioners voted 4 to 1 to approve the budget. Commissioner Susan Blizzard voted against it.

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