Hendersonville West Main intersection realignment stalls over CSX property

A project to realign an awkward intersection in the heart of Hendersonville is moving forward, but a hurdle over CSX Railroad property could delay construction.

The realignment is at West Main Street. Old Shackle Island Road sits on one side of the road, and Walton Ferry sits on the other. They don’t line up evenly. So, the goal of the realignment is to bring both roads into an even intersection.

Engineering and right-of-way acquisition have gone forward, which includes the demolition of a former bank building and a small car dealership. A gas station has also been acquired, but the land still has some temporary uses, Hendersonville Mayor Jamie Clary said.

But, right-of-way still needs to be acquired from CSX on Old Shackle Island Road, according to Rebekah Hammonds with the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

TDOT is managing the project.

“We eagerly await the start of construction, but know it’s probably a year or more away,” Clary said.

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