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The following property transfers were recorded in Henry County May 22-31:

From Timothy Lewis Martin to Linda M. Bradley of Valencia, Calif., on May 23: 4.253 on S side of SR 964, Horsepasture Dist., $30,000

From Donald Cecil Draper to Juana Evangelia Duran Cruz of Queens, N.Y., on May 23: lot 65, Martinsville Dist., $55,000

From Property Unlimited LLC to Marathon Properties LLC of Clemmons, N.C., on May 23: .636 acres of parcel 1 and 23.73 acres of parcel 2, $48,500

From Darlene R. Walker to Harvey Talmadge Wade of Ridgeway on May 23: lot 6 block E, Ridgeway Dist., $239,000

From Lauren B. Brennan, executor, to Christopher M. Yancey of Sacramento, Calif., on May 23: lot 16-17 section J, partly in Ridgeway Dist., $259,000

From Nikhil Loganadan to Beth A. Burgess of Martinsville on May 23: 2 acre tract on S side of SR 695, Horsepasture Dist., $47,700

From Ruth M. Brown to Tommy Lee Flora of Martinsville on May 24: 1.123 acres on S side of SR 663, Reed Creek Dist., $25,258.52

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From Richard Martin to Maegan T. Stewart of Martinsville on May 24: 0.399 acres of lot 32 section B on E side of SR 108, Reed Creek Dist., $179,500

From Lisa W. Grey to Jarel Grey of Martinsville on May 24: lot 25X section A on NW side of Valentine Court, Horsepasture Dist.

From Kelly W. Harris to Cathie Brooks Law of Martinsville on May 25: lot 14 section 3 on E margin of Brentwood Road, Horsepasture Dist., $250,100

From Sandra L. Coleman to Joshua C. Coleman of Ridgeway: 3.473 acres, Ridgeway Dist.

From Darrel W. Bryant to Vicki Lynne Bryant of Martinsville on May 25: lot B near Edgewood Place, Collinsville Dist.

From Kimberly Swain Coggin to Richard W. Jarrett of Ridgeway on May 25: 0.836 on N side of Ellsworth Court, $351,000

From Lloyd O. Williams to Antoine Williams of Axton on May 25: lot 52 section A on S side of Vernon Lane, Iriswood Dist.

From John Douglas Thomasson to Sobrius at Bassett LLC of Bassett on May 26: 3 parcels in Henry County, Reed Creek Dist., $645,000

From John Ezekiel Whisnant to Christopher Roetken of Fieldale on May 26: 20 acres on Plantation Ridge Road, Horsepasture Dist., $34,000

From Barry L. Nelson Sr. to Diane R. Selman of Martinsville on May 26: 1.767 acres on W side of Preston Road, Horsepasture Dist., $425,000

From Bobbie K. Joyce, sole heir to David M. Towler of Bassett on May 26: lots on SW side of Stones Dairy Road, Blackberry Dist., $257,500

From David Thomas Patterson to Caden Energix Axton LLC of Arlington on May 26: 2.01 acre parcel and 1.102 acres of tract X, Henry County, $713,283

From Catherine Anita Wall Dayton to Carlos S. Roberson of Ridgeway on May 27: lot 9 block 8 on NE side of SR 1025, Ridgeway Dist., $360,000

From Willie Pritchett to Elias Lopez Vargas of Collinsville on May 27: lot on Daniels Creek, Collinsville Dist., $20,000

From William Lea Jarrett to Jason Jarrett of Ridgeway on May 27: lots on N side of Sherwood Circle, Horsepasture Dist., $124,000

From Anita Faye Hooker, FKA to Anita Faye Hooker of Martinsville on May 27: .4 acre N or North Bassett, Blackberry Dist., $15,000

From Clitus Properties LLC to J Peyton Moore of Martinsville on May 27: 10.642 acres on SE side of Hunt Country Farms Drive, $150,000

From Joseph Andrew Craddock to Barrow Frith of Martinsville on May 27: 3.677 acres in Henry County, Iriswood Dist., $20,000

From Melvin C. Thomas to Regena C. Morris of Martinsville on May 27: 0.21 acres on NE side of Summit Road, Horsepasture Dist., $95,000

From Gerald T. Snyder to Robert Mitchell Turner of Collinsville on May 27: lot on NE side of Beaver Ridge Road, Collinsville Dist., $305,000

From Johnson Group Properties LLC to Cheyenne McDow of Martinsville on May 27: lots in Henry County, Ridgeway Dist., $135,000

From Brittle Rentals LLC to Davis J Gardner of Ridgeway on May 27: .219 acres of lot 3 and .052 acres of lot 3A on N side of Poplar Street, Ridgeway Dist., $65,000

From Angelia Adams Wright to Autumn Handy-Harrell of Bassett on May 31: lot 30-32 block C, $65,250

From Thabit M. Bahhur to John Allen Gardner of Martinsville on May 31: 0.543 acres of lot 10 on S side of Beckford Way, Ridgeway Dist., $462,000

From Etree LLC to Gatorpack Land and Timber LLC of Davidson, N.C., on May 31: 335.479 acres, Iriswood Dist., $391,491.02

From Brian C. Garrett to Samantha Russell of Fieldale on May 31: 3.196 of parcel A and 2.255 acres S of SR 761, Blackberry Dist., $187,000

From Ethel G. Ward to Franklin M. Gourley of Henry on May 31: lots 32-35 section B, Reed Creek Dist.

From Johnnie B. Dandridge to Randolph C. Campbell of Martinsville on May 31: 1 acre of parcel C-2, Horsepasture Dist., $3,500

From Riley G. Williams to Beverly W. Keaton of Bassett on May 31: 2.545 acres of parcel C-2 and parcel 2, Reed Creek Dist.

From Johnny Dandridge, heirs to Randolph C. Campbell Sr. on May 31: remainder of parcel C containing 10.499 acres, Horsepasture Dist., $7,000

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