Here are property transfers recently filed in Wayne County

Baughman Township — Randall S. Kornhaus to Austin J. Horst, 16266 Church Road, $180,000.

Christopher R. and Lydia A. Bischoff to Lauren Ritchie and Austin Clemens, 2785 Wayne St., $381,000.

Zachary J. and Jennifer Franks to Jason and Shelley McAfee, 5184 Tannerville Road, $226,000.

Canaan Township — Mary M. O’connor (trustee) to John P. Moine, 4666 E. Easton Road, $780,000.

Jeffrey T. and Kristen M. Gerber to Bryan P. Spade, 204 Mcilvaine Drive, $190,000.

Bobcat Investments to Derek K. and Mercedes J. Orr, 111 Carol Drive, $350,000.

Chester Township — Roger D. and Donna J. Canode to Orlanda R, McKinley, 6322 Lattasburg Road, $256,800.

Matthew J. and Kathryn R. Miller to Lonnie and Naomi Wengerd, 4801 Lattasburg Road, $105,000.

Chippewa Township — Mcfarland Troy G and Troy Mcfarland to Ellis William, 14057 Allison Drive, Doylestown, $180,000.

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