More inequities for property poor towns

Published: 5/1/2022 7:02:11 AM

Modified: 5/1/2022 7:00:38 AM

Recent proposed legislature to allow more hours of work for high school students during school months is about as diabolical as it gets. Students living in communities like Hanover, Durham, Bow and Amherst don’t work part time jobs during the school year. All their needs are well provided for. Their parents want them to do their best in their academics and be able to play sports and other extracurricular activities without anything getting in their way. Parents of students living in communities like Franklin, Pittsfield, Berlin, Canaan and Farmington have the same desires as parents in more affluent towns, reality is just not the same for a much larger population of students in these towns. Many of them have to work!

The governor and legislators are all too aware of the educational disparities between the well to do towns and the “property poor towns” in New Hampshire. This bill if passed would only make these educational disparities worse. Many students from less well to do families would be working longer hours during the school year and their school work and educational opportunities would suffer. This is another Republican bill that hurts the education of many New Hampshire students along with not adequately funding education in New Hampshire for property poor towns. These employers having difficulty filling their positions should be offering higher pay, health insurance, paid family leave, better vacation and childcare. Stop trying to solve economic problems on the backs of our public school children.

Cam Sinclair


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