On Your Side: Fresno farmer saved from a $800 penalty on property taxes

FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – A Fresno farmer says he paid his property taxes on time this year as usual but the Fresno County Tax Assessor’s Office charged him a hefty $800 late fee.

Greg Gaddie had paid his property taxes as he does every year. But this year, he was told the payment was received late.

We had to help prove the payment was on time in order to prevent him from paying an $800 penalty.

“I’m driving the tractor, fixing the tractor, I’m going to pick things up, I’m weeding and irrigating and all the other things you do,” Greg Gaddie said. “You don’t have a lot of free time.”

Greg Gaddie is a farmer tending hundreds of acres across Fresno County. He pays taxes on his properties every year.

“We mailed it early, it was mailed before it was due, not after,” Gaddie said.

But he was still facing a hefty $800 late fee.

“It’s been a very time-consuming process and I don’t have a lot of time.”

On his own, he tried to prove that he went to the post office and paid on time.

“Filling out forms, writing letters, making phone calls, it’s a lot,” Gaddie said.

He filed an appeal with the Tax Assessor’s Office but it was denied.

“It wasn’t their money, they took my money, and I didn’t owe it,” Gaddie said.

That’s when he contacted CBS47 On Your Side.

“I contacted your office and got in touch with you and it was a totally different ballgame,” Gaddie said.

The Fresno County Tax Assessor’s Office worked with us to resolve the problem. The envelope Greg Gaddie put his payment in was missing a postmark from the post office.

After obtaining a letter from the postal service explaining the error, the Tax Assessor’s Office said they would remove the $800 late fee from Gaddie’s account.

“I’m so grateful that you intervened and helped with this because I don’t think I could’ve gotten it done without you,” Gaddie said. “Thank you so much.”

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