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Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County May 31-June 3:


Raymond R. Chryst II to Timothy R. Hanusosky, 3122 McCleary Jacoby Road, $84,900

Elwyn Clark Jewell Jr. to Lewis Beeman and Evelyn Beeman, 272 Raymond Ave., $96,500

Kenneth Robert Miller to Kristina Pelton and Mathew I. Black, 3094 McCleary Jacoby Road, $200,000


Paul Ware Sr. and Marion Grace Byler to Gregory R. Ridgeway, 1270 E. Flagg Road, $190,000


James Lee Gravink to Victor Properties LLC, Fairview Ave., $120,000


Carl E. Dines to Robert Andrew Stocker and Megan Jenny Stocker, Sabrina Lane, $437,000

Robert G. Casto and Ruth E. Casto to Ruth E. Casto and Susan L. Heiens, 5316 Alva Ave., $150,000

Barbara L. Robinson to Bailey Lewis, Mahoning Avenue, $120,000

Robert Nonini and Debbie Nonini to Richard H. Bachman, 5899 Mahoning Ave., $65,000


Scott L. Richards and Danielle E. Richards to Nathan Province and Gabrielle Province, 148 Beechwood Drive, $365,000

Laura B. Stredney to Steven T. Harris and Jenifer Elaine Harris, 251 Fox Run Drive, $217,000

Douglas E. Simpson Jr. to M Walker Investments LLC, 410 Stahl Ave., $134,000

Jack D. Osborne and Theodore L. Osborne to Williams Holdings Ohio LLC, 202 Gates St., $65,000

Edward L. Burnick to Miller Dinh and Chao Dao, 562 Fowler Ridge St. Ext., $155,000


Robert L. Miller Jr. and Rosanna D. Miller to Jonathan Miller, 5871 Old State / Painsville Warren Road, $180,000


Frank Safran to Lara K. Hlaudy, 3620 Cadwallader Sonk Road, $230,000


Professional Real Estate Inc. to Joseph Martini, 859 Gary Ave., $150,000

Skymount Solutions LLC to Allison Hunt, 216 Main St., $23,820

Joseph M. Pazillo to Michael R. Treharn Jr., 251 Ohio Ave., $101,000

Skymount Solutions LLC to Allison Hunt, 216 Main St., $23,820


David L. Bright and James E. Bright to Christopher J. Russo, 4103 Fairlawn Heights Drive, $100,000

Diem Hoang Nguyen and The Lam Ly to Huy Nguyen, 3772 Adrian Drive, $89,000

Nick Liakaris and Christa Liakaris to Phillip N. Williams and Deborah A. Williams, Pintail, $45,000

Thomas J. McCleery and Laura L. McCleery to Adam Desio and Marielle Spangler, 9008 Briarbrook Drive, $303,000

Donald C. Orr to Nicholas L. Stanko, 2521 North River Road, $38,500

Guowei Huang and Xiuying Lin to Oscar Jesus Diaz Suarez and Kristen Marie Diaz, 3862 Devon St., $215,000

James M. Thompson and Debra L. Thompson to My Ngo, 2741 North Road, $179,900


Bryan B. Hatch and Daryl L. Hatch to Emily A. McCuskey, 825 Wheeler Road, $160,000

Verle Stevenson and Jill Stroud to Erin Mackenzie Loomis, 617 Sunset Drive, $135,000

Lewis and Allen LLC to Carthage Solutions LLC, 62 S. Main St., $298,700

Elizabeth A. Skruck to Adam J. Howe, Stewart Ave., $92,000

John D. Evans to Brian Robert Notman and Julianne Marie Notman, 7329 Chestnut Ridge Road, $120,000

Kay A. Flauto and Debra White to Ashley R. Crissman, 335 Prescott St., $149,500


Jenamarie Filaccio to Coty Salman, 472 Laurel St., $145,625

Coty Salman to Coty Salman, 472 Laurel St., $145,625

Kimber L. Zolnier to Donald Thomas and Becky L. Thomas, 212 Terra Bella Drive, $380,000

Timothy E. Smith to Nathanael Scott Toth and Megan Grace Dickenson, 1447 Churchill Road, $125,000

Sierra Ferguson and Zachary Ferguson to Anthony M. Pecorelli Jr., 1157 Willowood Drive, $160,000

Edward J. and Priscilla Donegan to Bernard White, 412 Mansell Drive, $60,000

Emad Abu Rahma and Manol Taha to Moni and Lulu LLC, 4353 Sampson Road, $65,000


Aaron Porter to Jimmy J. King and Caroline King, 747 Oregon Ave., $205,001

Marianne Harshman to Frank S. McNeal, 427 McKinley Boulevard, $52,500

OK MIT LLC to Crystal Coven Nail Studio, 241 Marshall Ave., $150,000

Danielle M. Totin to Kristin Sloan, 1126 McMyler St., $60,000


Christine Simons to John Smolak, 1324 Warren Road, $105,000

Virginia Jewell to Cozy Investments LLC, 1835 Windham Road, $42,000

Meagan L. Grondeski and Michael A. Sine to Daniel Sibel, 2271 W. River Road, $180,000


Mary Helen Giangardella to Matthew D. Fiorenzo and Alicia Wolbert, 451 Cleveland Ave., $195,000

Victoria L. Workman to Henry Rodgers and Paula Rodgers, 110 Highland Ave., $136,000

Kelli Fusselman to Christopher M. Smith and Lori A. Pace, 64 Mill Creek Road, $160,000

Bernard Sisters Land Co LLC to SJA Family Limited Partnership, 5454 Youngstown Warren Road, $140,000

Robynn Puckett Morris to Austin Chappell, 203 Sheridan Ave., $62,000

Jerald B. Vuchak to Rebecca Ann Wohlfarth, 53 Woodland Chase Boulevard, $173,000

Donald J. Livi to Vernon Realty LLC, 23 Cherry Ave., $70,000

John M. Hoostal and John R. Guerriero to John M. Hoostal, 1345 Niles Cortland Road, $40,800


Wendy J. Lippert and Harold A. Lippert to Stephanie Boyd, 2902 Barclay Messerly, $300,000


Betsy M. Steadman and Kenneth E. Steadman to Travis D. Smith and Melissa A. Bartscher, 1328 Youngstown Kingsville Road, $199,900


RS Lewkowitz An Ohio Limited Company to Bloom Land Company LLC, Paige Avenue, $1,325,000

Anthony M. Salem to Daniel J. Pernice and Erin R. Pernice, 1030 Fairway Court, $265,000

Paul B. Brehm to Mark R. Bradley and Patricia A. Bradley, 1050 Melwood Drive, $295,000

Tashan J. Williams to Riley Construction of Ohio LLC, 176 Linden Ave., $20,000

Tashan Williams and Marquala Murphy to Riley Construction of Ohio LLC, 240 Linden Ave., $20,000

Donald R. Murray Jr. to San Martin Rodriguez, 756 East Ave., $54,000

James F. Martin Jr. and Melea A. Martin to Richard L. Shaver, 687 Trumbull Ave., $118,000

Tiffany N. Leppert to Megan Brooker, 783 Packard St., $80,000

SDO FUND II D43 LLC to North Mar Christian Missionary Alliance, 3843 E. Market St., $1,415,000

Carol G. Alex to Deryck Toles, 150 Fulton St., $185,500

Gettysburg Investments LLC to Kimberly Marie Figeroa, 721 Woodbine Ave., $95,000

Ridgeview Partners Limited Partnership to Ridgeview Partners Limited Partnership, Ridge Street, $425,000

Ridgeview Partners Limited Partnership to Ridgeview Partners Limited Partnership, 1923 Ridge Road, $425,000

James R. Love to Christopher Vespucci, 1700 Elm Road, $25,000

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Keith Gunther, Althea Avenue, $35,000

Joseph Sowinski to James Allen Mayes and Lynn Karen Mayes, 5117 Eagle Creek Road, $46,000

William D. Knight to David A. Yale, 1826 Sheridan Ave., $55,000

Mark Hilliard to Thakur Contractors LLC, 1049 Garden St., $24,000

Simon E. Rushbrook and Marjorie A. Rushbrook to Maxwell P. Brown and Sara M. Brown, 925 Melwood Drive, $265,000

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Keith Gunther, Althea Ave., $35,000


Mary F. Cunningham to Andrew Davison, 2991 Mayfield Ave., $150,100

William A. Burrows and Patricia A. Burrows to William Charles Cunningham, 1954 Cloverbrook Drive, $192,000

Ashley Ann Acierno to Devante T. Christian, 2919 Covington St., $150,000

Carol Pompili to Willard W. Howell, 1365 Emmet St., $72,000

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