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Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County April 4-8:


Fine Canfield LLC to Ryan Beran and Sarah Beran, Johnson Plank Road, $255,000

Ronnie Roberts to Theodore H. Watt II and Alexis N. Smith, 4170 North Park Ave., $105,000

Robert Woychik to Lonnie McDonald, 3446 Warren Meadville Road, $155,000


Ann P. Andrews to Christopher Hart, 8965 Penniman Road, $33,000


Eli H. Miller and Esther S. Miller to Jason H. Wilson and Tiana R. Wilson, 1091 Bailey Anderson Road, $53,000


Jonathan A. Murray and Kelly B. Murray to Jerry Elliott and Elizabeth Elliott, 1276 Hyde Oakfield Road, $110,000

Paul L. Francioni Jr. to Jacob M. Detweiler and Ellen Detweiler, 5696 Corey Hunt Road, $450,000


Randall Chambers to Justin M. Ross, 1440 Sharon Hogue Road, $258,500

Denise Mosora to Keith Patton, 1142 Yankee Run Road, $130,000

Lewis and Allen LLC to Donald Alexander Orr II, 712 S. State Line Road, $27,500

John V. Kettler to Lisa M. Pickard and Phillip P. Pickard, 8157 Warren Sharon Road, $130,000


Angela M. Tombar to Dylan G. Dye and Kylie J. King, 5095 Alva Ave., $130,000


Menno W. Detweiler and Elmina Detweiler to Meeno W. Detweiler and Elmina Detweiler, 5115 Ensign Road, $216,000


Marilyn J. Norton to Wolfords Rolloff Inc., 119 Wilson Ave., $42,500

Donald A. Rossell and Richard D. Rossell to Donald A. Rossell and Kathleen J. Rossell, 222 Howard Ave., $32,000

Thomas J. Ezzo to Thomas J. Ezzo and Tamie L. Ezzo, 426 Parkview Ave., $57,500

Justin William Alexander to Shola Barlatt, 117 Second St., $35,000

Donald Ralph Whistler Jr. to ACE Property Management, 416 Reed Court, $67,000


April D. Mack to Tracy Sink, 9123 Briarbrook Drive, $295,000

Linda Kay Newill to Timothy Corwin, 7814 Raglan Drive, $181,000

Collen M. Cox and Patrick M. Crowley to Jessica N. Smith, 4028 Aleesa Court, $203,000

ROR LLC an Ohio Limited company to COT Pizza Re LLC, 3401 Elm St., $1,585,078


Polly A. Davis to Ashley Marie Simione Villanueva, 31 Parish Ave., $188,000

James A. Henderson Sr. to Ryan Groover, 3738 Liberty St., $86,000

Lighting Products Inc to Myron Equities LLC, 400 Myron St., $400,000

EXP DAN LLC to Augustine Construction LLC, Roseview Avenue, $20,000

M Walker Investments LLC to Danielle M. Behnke, 2490 Anthony Circle, $176,000

ROR LLC Szambecki LLC to COT Pizza Re LLC, 895 N. Main St.,$278,759


Henry B. Evans to Ryan M. Brdek and Lindsey J. Krynicki, 6561 Stoddard Hayes Road, $365,000


Dennis Ray Mast and Anna Ruth Mast to David J. Mast and Martha Jane Mast, Kinsman Pymatuning Road, $264,330


Luther Rose to Ernest Lewis, 504 Catherine St., $127,000

Gene W. Gregory Sr. and Barbara E. Gregory to US Bank Trust National Association, Liberty Boulevard, $255,000

New Residential Mortgage Loan Trust 2017-4 to Citibank NA, 116 Trails Edge Drive, $414,891

Damon J. Petrich to Chelesie Pope, 25 Colonial Drive, $73,000

Edward W. Scharrer to Thomas E. Scharrer, 1355 Shannon Road, $100,000

Brian L. Picard and Nawal A. Picard to Jason G. Klotz, 3026 Green Acres Drive, $115,000

Jay Thompson and Martha E. Thompson to Alden Chevlen, 3861 Northlawn Ave., $30,000

Bank One Youngstown National Association to Ohio North East Health Systems Inc, 3999 Belmont Ave., $650,000


Ron Tyndall and Lou Ann Tyndall to Dustin G. Hajnosz and Rachel Nicole Pastor, 1995 Carson Salt Springs Road, $222,000

Justin J. Brown to Lana Freeland, 2550 Newton Falls Bailey Road, $280,000

Jodie L. Ciriello to Nicholas F. Danadic, 631 Carson Salt Springs Road, $155,000


Patricia N. Nicastro to Alliyah J. Williams, 252 Pennsylvania Ave., $149,900

Steve Vernell and Linda D. Vernell to Sarah R. Busch and Curtis E. Busch, 442 Hayes Road, $100,900

Barbara A. Callow to Jason E. Johnson, 438 Garfield St., $48,000


Harry Brand to Catherine L. Dubon, 7232 state Route 46, $62,354


Mark J. Miller and Martha M. Miller to Mark J. Miller and Martha M. Miller, 7966 Parkman Mespo Road, $296,000


Gregory A. Sole to Christopher Lee, 32 West Seventh St., $70,000

Kimberly A. Allen to Kimberly A. Debos, Market Street, $132,000


Anthony Pintaro to Michael Bradley, 32 Franklin Ave., $23,000

George L. Doan to Freedom Mortgage Corporation, 1551 Kearney Ave., $58,835

RW Sidley Inc to TC and F Enterprise LLC, Lock Drive, $200,000

Carla Fanto Ferrell and Jailynne Fanto to SGW Development LLC, 1746 N. Carnegie Ave., $400,000

Jo Marie Parise to Christine Augusta Livingston, 124 Hogarth St., $150,000

Paulette L. Johnson to Eric Peyatt and Anna Peyatt, 307 Washington St., $107,000

Jeffrey A. Kolesar and Mary F. Kolesar to Dylan L. Taylor and Jordyn K. Taylor, 1457 Kearney Ave., $84,000

GELSO LTD to Furr Tullos LLC, 140 N. Main St., $130,000

Citimortgage Inc to Douglas Eugene Thomas, 813 Belmont St., $29,750

Terry J. Stauffer to Rodney J. Freel, 396 Crandon Ave., $275,000

ROR LLC an Ohio Limited company to COT Pizza Re LLC,795 Youngstown Warren Road, $856,397


Bryan Dudas to Skydan Equity Partners LLC, 5646 U.S. Route 422, $31,500

PMRP Partners LLC to Tabatha Evinsky, 1322 Robbins Ave., $118,500


Bonnie Decker to Cindy L. Miller, 1049 Ridge Road, $187,000


Rodman James Bianco to M Walker Investments LLC, 4100 Long Hill Drive, $140,300

Andrew D. Roebuck II to Jennifer Neumann and Hope Warner, 1060 McKinley St., $72,000

Go America LLC to Jennifer Forte and Thomas Gillespie, 862 Sylvan St., $26,000

Twin Realty and Leasing LLC to Joseph J. Lee, 1777 Clermont Ave., $54,000

Twin Realty and Leasing LLC to Joseph J. Lee, 158 Roosevelt Ave., $54,000

Kenneth G. Barnett to Autumn E. Schladen, Brookside Drive, $75,000

Southwind Property Solutions LLC to Marshall Call II, 1356 Union St., $38,000

Barbara A. Miles to Tucker J. Huffman, 411 Belvedere Ave., $148,000

ROR LLC an Ohio Limited company to COT Pizza Re LLC, 3920 E. Market St., $1,369,174

Fumerola Legacy LLC to Rising Valley Residential LLC, 2271 Linda Drive, $72,000

John Nafe and Darlene Nafe to Roger John Stewart, 2347 Stewart Ave., $72,000


Frank S. McNeal Family Limited Partnership to Jesse Wheeler, 3724 Oakview Drive, $165,000

Stephanie M. Rider to Ronald J. Roharik and Anna C. Roharik, 2248 Crestmont Drive, $407,500

Roseanne V. Parish to Michael J. DeSalvo, 2582 Elm St., $165,000

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