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A property can’t be considered blighted when it’s occupied.

And the Redevelopment Authority has to sort out conflicting accounts regarding one such property — 146 Saybrook Road.

John DiPerro told the RDA that the structure is occupied.

But RDA chair Phil Gilbert said the RDA has received multiple statements from neighbors that there’s no one living there and that it’s odd to lock the house as it’s locked — by padlock.

The panel ultimately agreed to send a letter to the occupant to try to confirm residency.

“Maybe we’ve been given wrong information,” authority member Chuck Barone said.

Action against a Pleasant Township property was tabled until the county’s landbank is operational

Laurie Burdick, the Planning Department’s secretary, told the RDA that Solicitor Andrea Stapleford sent a letter to the owner of 1465 Route 62.

“(We have) heard nothing,” she said. “Nothing has changed down there at the property.”

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