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I’m ticked off that the music in the Macy’s Altamonte Mall was so loud it gave me a headache. I walked through and shopped at some other stores in the mall.

I ask this with honest curiosity and no sarcasm: When was the last time meteorologists predicted a “below average” hurricane season? It always seems the prediction is above average.

What has happened to Lake Mary? It sure isn’t what it used to be. Now, even in our subdivision with all the cars parked on the streets it looks like a car lot. And apparently you can park in front of fire hydrants and on rounded corners and don’t worry because your HOA and police department (who just drive on by) won’t do a darn thing about it. What do we pay either of them for? Oh, and Ronald Reagan Boulevard is always chock full of litter and even parts from a car crash. Who’s responsible for picking up all of that? Planning my escape!

To the people who think the pandemic is over: You obviously don’t know what you are talking about and a little search on Google will help educate you. Two of my family members have gotten COVID in the past week. We don’t care whether or not you wear a mask, but stop expressing your opinion about those of us who do to minimize our exposure to COVID.

Since the median price for homes in Orlando is reported to be $400,000, the property taxes could be as much as $7,000-$8,000. The local taxing authorities will go crazy trying to spend all the money they will get. No matter how much you make that’s a huge bill.

Thanks to Glen Haven Memorial Park, ROTC, Junior ROTC, Boy Scouts, etc. for the Veterans Memorial they put on each year. I have represented a veterans’ group there for the last five years. It is an excellent memorial to our lost comrades. Keep up the good work!

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