Upset property owners in Orange Beach still fighting Phoenix condos

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WALA) – It seems like no matter what, new Phoenix condos are coming to Orange Beach, but some people living there are still fighting the build.

Back in April, Orange Beach City Council voted to approve construction of two 25-story towers.

“We want to make some noise,” said Margaret Odom, nearby property owner.

Upset owners came out over a month ago to the initial city council vote, and they were back again Tuesday to fight—even harder.

“It is changing our way of life, and it’s changing what we’ve learned to love down here,” said Gil Allen, another property owner against the build.

The 25-story build is allowed under the current zoning ordinances of the property, but those against the build cited traffic concerns, safety issues, and legality behind the approval. However, the council still pushed forward, and these condos will no doubt tower above all the rest.

“I’m disappointed,” said Allen. “I think they were fair, but 25 stories next to a 4-story building surrounded by two and three- and four-story buildings, I don’t think is right.”

Though other locals disagree.

“It’s the tourism industry,” said Jeb Smith, pro-condo. “It’s the golden goose we have on the beach over there.”

Those opposed hope this isn’t the end of the road.

“We’re going to take our chance and stand up for what we believe,” said Odom.

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